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Living comfort depends on several factors, some of them are very obvious and others less common, but equally important, for instance the good insulation of the building. A good thermal and acoustic insulation, in fact, grants not only a greater domestic intimacy and a healthy working environment, but also ensures significant benefits in terms of reduction of thermal bridges, energy efficiency and savings on heating costs in winter and air conditioning in summer.

Fratelli Perosa boasts a high specialization in thermal and acoustic insulation. The wide portfolio of works and the considerable experience gained in the field, ensure efficient and quality interventions both in new construction and in partial or complete renovation of an apartment, condominium or building.

The professionals of the company are available to customers to study the most suitable type of intervention for each need:

  • acoustic insulation with sound-absorbing panels
  • insulating panels for walls, floors and roofs
  • sound-absorbing plasterboard panels
  • thermal insulation coupled with plasterboard for walls, counter walls and false ceilings
  • thermal insulation in wood fiber and rock wool
  • extruded polystyrene thermal insulation
  • waterproof thermal insulation

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